Season starts May 15th

'People powered' watercraft for all ages and recreational skill levels!

Rent at Rotary Beach or Gyro Beach in Kelowna, Bear Creek Park in West Kelowna, or Sun-Oka Beach on the south edge of Summerland.     Rotary/Gyro/Bear Creek/Sun-Oka

SUP: Stand Up Paddleboard discovery

Welcome to Okanagan Beach Rentals your destination spot for SUPing, kayaking, aqua biking, pedal boating, canoeing, bouncing or just floating! We offer safe, fun and easy to operate 'people powered' watercrafts. Our 'get-on-and-go' water toys provide a great cross section of activity for everyone! Stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, aqua bikes, pedal boats, canoes, inflatable islands and more! Whether you're paddlin', pedalin' or just chillin', experience the affordable good healthy fun that getting out on the water brings! Launch from sandy beaches! Plenty of parking at both rental locations on beautiful Okanagan Lake makes it easy to show up and hit the water anytime!

Rotary and Gyro Beaches - Open Daily 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (weather permitting) May 15 to September 15.
BC Parks Locations - Open Daily 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (weather permitting) June 1 to Labour Day.

Stand Up Paddleboards

SUP: Stand Up Paddleboard rentals

We have a great selection of rental SUPs from 8' "tough-as-nails" boards for the kids, right on up to 12' all-rounders for recreational use. These boards all provide awesome performance and crazy fun! Get on and go, stand up and paddle! From novice to experienced we guarantee you'll love the ride!!

Paddleboard Rental Rates:

All-rounder boards.
$25 / hr     $45 / 2 hrs

Boards for kids. Up to 90 lbs.
$15 / hr     $25 / 2 hrs

Frequency Packages:

SUP 5 Pack (all-rounder)    $100
SUP 10 Pack (all-rounder)    $185

Rental includes board, paddle, PFD, leash and taxes.


kayak rentals

Our wide range of recreational kayaks are super easy to operate, very stable, comfortable and fun! For beginner to intermediate, we offer both sit-in and sit-on-top single and tandem kayaks in a variety of lengths.

Kayak Rental Rates:

Single kayaks. 10' to 14' - Sit-in or sit-on-top
$25 / hr     $40 / 2 hrs

Single kayaks. 8' to 10' - Sit-on-top
$20 / hr     $35 / 2 hrs

Kayaks for kids. 6' - Sit-on-top. Up to 90 lbs.
$15 / hr     $25 / 2 hrs

Tandem kayaks. 13' to 15' - Sit-in or sit-on-top
$35 / hr     $55 / 2 hrs

Frequency Packages:

Kayak 5 Pack (single)    $100
Kayak 10 Pack (single)    $185

Rental includes paddles, PFDs, safety gear and taxes.


canoe rentals

If you're seeking that traditional lake paddle in the wide open comfort of a recreational canoe... come on down!!
Our canoes are stable, comfortable and green!

Canoe Rental Rates:

3 seat canoe. 16' - Keel bottom
$35 / hr     $55 / 2 hrs     $80 / half day

Rental includes paddles, PFDs, safety gear and taxes.

Aqua Bikes

aqua bike rentals

Looking for splashes and giggles or even a leg work out? Floating water bikes you actually pedal on the lake might just be the thing for you! Stable, safe and crazy fun!!

Aqua Bike Rental Rates:

Will seat 2 + toddler.
$25 / hr     $40 / 2 hrs     $60 / half day

Rental includes laughter, PFDs and taxes.

Pedal Boats

pedal boat rentals

Take a leisurely trip along our pristine shorelines or float and relax! Our three pedal boats sizes can accommodate up to a family of five. Stable, safe and easy to operate!

Pedal Boat Rental Rates:

Will seat up to 2 adults + 3 kids.
$25 / hr     $40 / 2 hrs     $60 / half day

Rental includes PFDs, safety kit and taxes.

Inflatable Islands

inflatables and floatie rentals

Jump, splash, float or just sunbathe! Our super fun inflatable islands provide the perfect pastime!

Inflatable Island Rental Rates:

9' island - Up to 3 kids
$20 / hr     $35 / 2 hrs     $50 / 3 hrs

10' island - Up to 5 kids or 3 adults
$25 / hr     $45 / 2 hrs     $60 / 3 hrs

13' island - Up to 8 kids or 5 adults
$30 / hr     $55 / 2 hrs     $75 / 3 hrs

* Bear Creek and Sun-Oka Provincial Parks locations only

Rental includes ladder, laughter, PFDs and taxes.

We accept all major credit cards.