About Us

We are a summer rental operation providing safe healthy fun on ‘people powered’ watercraft from the beaches of beautiful Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. We live and work for the joy of being outdoors and having the opportunity to share with others our healthy on-water activities. Through the years we’ve had the pleasure of meeting countless people from all walks of life who have enjoyed our ‘water toys’! We strongly believe that taking in the natural beauty of our Okanagan landscape while being active and having fun out on the water is beneficial for body, spirit and mind.

We have grown since our first summer with that old campy sun bleached sign. Our customers have continued to show their loyalty, allowing us to expand with even more fun toys and good times, and for that we are grateful. We promise to continue offering the same value, service and user-friendly equipment you have come to know....we wouldn't have it any other way.

We invite you to paddle, pedal and play to your heart's desire....your body, spirit and mind may just thank you for it. :)

See you soon!